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Early Feb 2018 I bought a Black Aces Tactical PO AK supressor at an outdoor show. It took a month before it was transferred to the local dealer who has possession. I did the F4 trust through silencer show, but used the dealers trust. It took just over a monthe to get everything signed and rdy. My check was cashed on 5/27 and the form was recieved on 5/30 2018.

I have called the ATF once a week for the last three hoping to get some info on where it is, but all i heard was its still pending.

Yesterday i finally got on agent who was a little more helpful. She said my package is almost at 10 months and should be asigned to an examiner soon.

Man that was a kick in the crotch hearing that no one has even looked at it. I guess Ill just have to keep on waiting like the rest of us.

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