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Weston Loeser
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Purchased an item February 2018. Check cashed 3/22/18. I called in October and was told pending. I called in December and told waiting on FBI background check. I asked if they knew when it went to the FBI and she said they can’t tell that information. I called 2/5/19 and the lady directed me to the person assigned to my file which called and left a voicemail that said it was delayed. I called again 3/1/19 and the lady said that they are waiting on the FBI check and that mine was sent in August 2018 and that they are currently reviewing those recieved in July. I’m curious as to why one person told me they can’t see that information and the other gives me a date. Either one of them are lying or they are both wrong and just wanted to get me off the phone. It’s such a flawed system and it’s easy to get frustrated. I understand how people say to forget about it and wait on a phone call, but I put purchased a Daniel Defense ISR gun and have 3 grand tied up in it so it’s hard not to wonder what is going on.

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