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I’ve been in pending FBI check for quite awhile now. Check cashed in November of 2017. I will say that in the past couple weeks my calls have been productive and friendlier than usual. Apparently, there is a new rule that anything pending since 2017 is a priority and I have spoken to my examiner twice. She has requested my case be expedited, and since our first convo last week, she was able to tell me that the FBI has looked at my case twice this week but hasn’t approved yet.

With that being said, in March of 2018 I was pulled over for DWI.Careless mistake after a few drinks with dinner and failing to use my blinker. First arrest ever at 35 years old, but my lawyer is confident I can get everything dismissed. Does anybody have any experience or heard of anyone that this has happened to and how it will affect my approval, or if it will get approved at all? I live in TX where these cases take about two years to go to court. My examiner recommended getting any kind of documentation that shows the case is in my favor so she can forward to FBI, but I don’t know that any kind of documentation exists. I figured that since I hadn’t been convicted and nothing has gone to court I’d get approved but who knows.

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