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Too damn long… but I got an update:

-Surefire SOCOM 762 RC2
-Form 4 individual
-Purchased @ Silencer Shop kiosk (Washington State) 12/26/2017
-Check cashed 2/2/2018 (knew then and there that I’d be in for the long haul)
-waited patiently until 10/31/2018 where I finally called to check status. Was told it was with FBI for background.
-continued to wait patiently-
-called again today 2/26/2019 and the girl who answered was extremely nice and was proactively willing to help and even forwarded me to my Examiner. My examiner herself seemed shocked at how long I’ve been caught up in the system and told me that she would process it today. We will see how long it takes to make it to my LGS.
-I asked was there anything in the “notes” that showed why it was taking so long and she did say that my background was in delayed status from October thru November but offered little insight to anything beyond that.

It’s frustrating getting delayed. Happens pretty frequently to me nowadays. never used to… Must be a bad guy out there with the same name. Strange thing is I always put my SS number- which should clear me right away, Even worse is that I work in LE, have a CPL and even an FFL! ah well, getting close now 🙂

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