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Hi Kevin,

No, they did not tell me how long between approved and mailed. I did read an article last week saying the IRS was having mail issues due to the shutdown. They did not have enough bodies to handle and sort the mail during the shutdown. Maybe the ATF is in the same pickle!

Ya know, it’s really tough waiting the period after check cashed, and I knew I should have been approved in middle to late December, but with the shutdown, I just added one month to the calculation. Sure enough, I called them on 5 Feb. and was told about the Jan 30th approval. When I talked to them last October, they said 7 months average, so it got approved right on time excluding the shutdown time. However, this wait for the mail is inexcusable! I am 73 and patience is not in my vocabulary! 😉 But, I have no choice but to wait for that 30 day window to get a duplicate. At least I bought it at an indoor range and have been able to go there and use it. But it belongs here! 🙂

Them blaming the USPS is a cop out! I know they are not perfect, but there are too many folks on this forum that have had to request a copy and that’s not right. Something is really fishy with the whole process…

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