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Weston Loeser
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Join Date: 02/04/2019

I sent my form 4 off and checked was approved 3/22/2018. It gone through pending and FBI check sine October 2018. I understand keeping the country safe but a suppressor/silencer does “0” and I mean zero!!!!! Damage during any mass shootings. Most mass shootings don’t even involve a suppressor. I along with most others pay the government damn near half my salary to do your job and whether that’s paving roads or approving form 1-4 tax stamps. Why is this an insanely long process. I can literally go and buy a gun and have it in my hands 20 minutes later. If I try to limit that guns percussion it takes a year +. It’s so dumb simlilar to this process. I’m 340+ days waiting. Please someone get this under control.

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