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Called yesterday. I submitted several form 4s around May 2018.

1.One on May 7, 2018 which was approved on December 21, 2018, stamp in hand on February 13.
2. One for a MG on May 14, 2018, still pending.
3. 3 for suppressors on May 14, 2018, two of which were approved January 31, 2019. One the other one, there was a letter of correction sent on December 31, 2018 (during shutdown). When the PD printed the fingerprint card, the “NE” at the end of my address was left off. I added the “NE” and sent back the paperwork. I asked the agent yesterday if they received the correction and he said he didn’t show it and since it was during the shutdown, I should wait a couple of weeks and check back. I asked to speak to the examiner to make sure they received it (I show it delivered Jan 10), but he said she wasn’t taking calls. Then I asked to speak with his supervisor, left a message and haven’t heard back.
I get it, these folks have to deal with everyone asking where there stuff is each day. I have also been patiently waiting. But come on, what is the point of even having someone answer the phone if the only answers are “pending”, “approved” or “FBI check”? Also, the shutdown lasted 35 days and has been over a month since it was over (everyone got back pay too) – how long is that going continue to be an excuse, especially as to why they haven’t opened their mail. It was almost like this guy gets off being as unhelpful as possible – without any consequences. Think I will just call my congressman at this point.

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