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Silencershop has done really great things. They’ve made the scary NFA process easy for people who want to own NFA items. I submitted two e-form1’s through SS back in October and they did not get submitted due to the “certification” requirement from the ATF. Due to this setback, I created an account on the eforms site and submitted two eform1’s myself, forwarded the coversheet to silencershop, and they sent my prints and coversheet off to the ATF for me. Thanks SS! They sent the coversheets and fingerprints to the ATF the day I forwarded it to them. I really appreciate these guys and you have to realize that they are expanding this market more than ever before in the history of NFA ownership, which is great for 2A rights and education. So what if they are a bit slow to send your stuff off to the ATF for Form 4’s.. Most people wouldn’t even own an NFA item if it weren’t for SS. They are sending off a ton of these forms for folks who otherwise wouldn’t feel comfortable trying to figure it out for themselves. They help explain the process to NFA newbs and are a champion of gun rights in my opinion.

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