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Thanks, but the damn thing still hasn’t arrived. I live in Billings, MT and I guess the Pony Express Rider got hung up in the snow between here and the east coast! 😉 Giving the shutdown time frame, I would expect yours to be ready the end of next month. Waiting is a killer! At least mine was purchased through an indoor range and I was able to go down and use it on their premises. That gave me chance to make adjustments to the AR’s that I will use it on. If you are going to use it on Semi-Autos, you most likely WILL want to make changes so it doesn’t beat the action(s) to death. That’s assuming you are waiting for a suppressor. I have 4 AR’s, 1 pistol (223), 2 .223 rifles and a 308 AR. Hard to wait this last week!

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