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I have a purchase date of 3/27/18 and check cashed date of 5/2/18 for a SiCo Omega 300. I’m sure some have been waiting longer, but I recently contacted my districts congressman in GA for help with this. This is the response sent back from the ATF this week FYI (similar to what some have posted before but with more detail regarding the shutdown):

“Prior to the shutdown the processing time for ATF Form 4, was 7 months, however; at this time ATF is experiencing over a 125,000 backlog and therefore the processing time is expected to be in excess of 10 months.

ATF has and will expeditiously continue to process these applications to reduce any existing backlog. An unperfected ATF Form 4 that needs corrections will take longer than 10 months to process. In fiscal year 2007, ATF processed nearly 66,736 NFA applications. In 2016, ATF received more than 379,410 applications, in 2017 ATF received 386,210 applications, and in 2018 ATF received 339,278 applications.

Applications are still under agency review. If you have any questions please let me know.“

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