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What if someone gets tired of waiting before approval and wants to cancel and get money back? What is the process?

Money back from the govt? Are you mad??

Actually it is in the rules.


Withdrawal of Application. The application may be withdrawn prior to approval by submission of a written request from the maker. The NFA Branch will arrange for a refund of any tax paid.

5. Cancellation of Approved Application. An approved application may be cancelled only if the firearms had not been made or modified. The maker must return the approved application with a written request for cancellation, citing the need and that the making of the firearm did not take place. The NFA Branch will arrange for a refund of any tax paid.

This applies to a Form 1. Cancelling a Form 4 would involve the retailer selling the item who may charge fees.

This is a response from a lawyer in the field.

How do I stop or cancel a Form 1 or Form 4 that has not been approved by the BATFE?

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