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I purchased my first black rifle, a 300 BLK with an 9 inch barrel with suppressor. So this is a two stamp gun. These would be processed together, or would I have to wait twice as long as someone with a single stamp?

I did this under my own name thru a silencer shop kiosk, so I think I would be looking at Form 4 Individual wait times?

Executed documents on 6-22-2018 and checks were both cashed on 7-12-2018

Based on the current wait times, and assuming they process both at the same time, I should be only a few weeks away from being approved. All I have to do here is call the NFA branch to get an update? They all just got back to work on Monday morning, so maybe I will call next week. Does anyone know if everyone calling the NFA to get status updates slows down the process for everyone else? Perhaps the NFA has a dedicated person working the phones to give people updates?

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