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This being the 10-month anniversary of my check being cashed, I decided to call the ATF to check on status. This was a more productive call than all my previous calls. Initially, I got the same message I’ve been getting since June, that it’s still in FBI background check, but after talking to the guy for a bit (and being friendly), he asked if I wanted to speak with my examiner who might have more details on my case. I said sure, and he returns a few minutes later to say my examiner is no longer with them, and would I like to speak to their supervisor. I said sure. The supervisor was very helpful and able to provide more information. Here’s what I was told, for what it’s worth. The ATF had such a backlog of submissions that forms they received in 12/2017 didn’t get processed until June 2018, and that’s when mine was sent in for the FBI background check. For those of you who submitted this year and already got approvals, I can’t explain that with what I was told. Anyway, the FBI runs submissions through a computer, and the computer looks for various things that might might flag it. It goes into a pending/hold status that requires a human examiner to review. In my case, there’s someone with a similar name and social security number, and the examiner will need to verify that we’re different people, which shouldn’t be hard! The FBI is currently up to May submissions from the ATF and should be about a month away from getting to mine that they received in June. I don’t know how long it will take at that point, but I’m now thinking it’ll be more than a year from my purchase date before I get this thing.

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