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I googled my congressman using my home address. He happened to be Republican and had his own website. Under his website there was a tab that said “help with a federal agency,” clicked the link and it generated a form asking for my general information and signing consent to speak to a federal agency on my behalf. Asked what agency it was pertaining to (ATF) and to write the description of the issue. I told them how I had been waiting (x) amount of days for a decision, referenced my clean background history and how I’ve been pending FBI BC since May and even referenced this forum and how ppl were already getting approved past my check cashed date. I asked him if he could have them provide me a real update with why the FBI BC was pending for so long and whether they needed anything from me. I made sure I was polite and did not come across as an @$$hole.

(I provided the number to call, S/N of my suppressor and all the stuff they usually ask for when we call for an update)

Faxed it to the number provided on the form.

3 days later I received a letter that my congressman would be happy to resolve this situation on my behalf and that he would be providing me an update soon.

Received a letter today from my congressman that the situation has been resolved. Called ATF to get an update and sure enough, it was approved yesterday.

I have my suppressor approved and now he has my vote 😉

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