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Nope, no political connection. Your guess could not be further from the truth.

The real answer is the individual applied and was approved under an “active duty military exigent circumstances” exception. He is deploying overseas and there is an internal policy directive with the BATFE that gives rush and expedited review to Form 1 and 4 ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY ONLY applicats that are set to deploy with official government orders within the next three months.

This comes up from time to time snd fully aware of the situation. I suggest to all military people under my command that are even considering getting NFA items that are deploying to use this BATFE policy exception and apply.

I am NOT being mean when I say this but going to state the obvious. Some of you are going to cry foul and say “why can’t they do this to all of us” or “why does deploying military get more special treatment?” If that’s the first thing that you think about your “fairness” then you’re too intellectually stupid to own NFA items (or any other guns) in the first place.

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