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Hope it isn’t considered spam, but here’s a copy / paste from my Form 4 Individual post. TL;DR Contact your congressman and they might just be able to speed it up for you, I think they did for me!

My apologies for not having all the exact dates…

Form 4: Dead Air Ghost M


Purchased: Early Dec. ’17

Pending: 12/13/17

Pending FBI background: Sometime mid 2018

Contacted congressman: 08/23/18

Response from congressman: 08/29/18

Sent forms to congressman: 09/01/18

Response from congressman with FBI letter indicating completion of BG check and encouraging me to inform the ATF of this: 09/10/18 (letter reported the check was completed 09/07)

I then called the ATF yesterday and spoke to Rachel, was told pending background check. I asked to speak to someone regarding the FBI and my congressman encouraging me to inform the ATF that it is done. She transferred me to the examiner, and I got a voicemail. Left a message regarding the aforementioned information.

Called today, and…

Approved: 09/10/18

Standardized wait: 272 days / 8 months, 29 days

State: AZ

I am so stoked. God Bless America! Don’t give up hope you long timers and reach out to your reps. Also, for what it’s worth, I had a drug charge from when I was 18 and had my rights restored, so there was actually a legitimate reason to delay it, but I am technically no longer a felon and have all my rights back. I am very pleased to see this right not denied due to paperwork / records issues. Not sure if it helped, but I submitted the app with the set aside and firearms rights restoration paperwork from the court, as well as a copy of my CCW permit approval letter. I’ve got a few Form 1s pending, one of which is in FBI land as well, so hopefully this moves along for those now too…

Now I’m just eagerly awaiting that call from the dealer!! Thanks everyone.

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