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Greetings Chris,
A fellow Chris in Oklahoma here..

I just recently got a transfer approved back on 8/20/2018 Individual Trust – No other responsible parties..
Check Cashed – 11/11/2017
Stamp Approved – 8/20/2018
Stamp Arrived at Dealer 8/30/2018
Suppressor Transfer to Trust

I have another suppressor transfer that has a check cashed date of 4/26/2018 that I am waiting on..

1st suppressor during it’s time in NFA Jail I made numerous phone calls to check on the status of the transfer and was told every time it was pending FBI Background Check. From everything I researched at the time, it appears this is where the majority of delays are occurring for most trusts. Someone online indicated that some will go thru the FBI background check fairly quickly (couple of weeks) while others will be selected for a manual review (several months). If this is the case, I must have been selected for manual review as mine was stuck in FBI Background check for months. Hopefully yours is close to being done. If you would like to include me on your communication to our legislators, I can attest to the severe delay in obtaining NFA items.

Agreed, there is zero recourse. This is what happens when you have a government agency handling things. It would be nice if there was some regulation as to force the ATF/FBI to get these completed in a timely manner. There is no reason in 2018 it should take over 90 days to complete these. Obviously if extenuating circumstances aside, for the typical non-felon gun owner it shouldn’t be anymore difficult than passing the NCIS check. After all, we are paying up front for the “right” to own such items. They sure cash that check quickly, but after that it is a waiting game.

On a separate note, I called the ATF on 8/20/2018 which was the date my stamp was approved. The ATF told me it was still pending FBI Background check, which is weird because 10 days later I got an unexpected phone call from my dealer stating my stamp had arrived. Not sure what is up with that, struck me as odd.

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