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JR. Walker
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I have been doing this NFA stuff since 1989 and I can assure you that there isn’t anything you can do to push it along. Some lately have had success calling their representative but other than that I know of nothing. I have waited as long as 13 months and as short as 6 weeks, you just never know when it is going to be done. Them telling people that it is pending FBI check is a new thing, they had never said that in the past, just pending or approved. Some employees you get on the phone are really nice some not so much. Best thing to do is keep one in the system for something all of the time that way you always have Christmas around the corner. I paid 16k for an M16 all upfront and had to wait for 12 months. It is bothersome and worrysome as the dealer gets to keep your gun until it is all done. Unfortunately if you want to play you gotta wait.

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