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F Beatty
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The individuals in charge of these organizations are lifers. They could care less as long as they keep their decent paying positions, benefits and guaranteed jobs. They’re not elected and have the politics of keeping their jobs and being promoted up worked out perfectly. There is no incentive to do more or better.

Politicians will quietly help one here or there, but most won’t do more as it could be used against them costing votes. None plan to serve a term and fix anything. Usually it’s the opposite and they want multiple terms if not life in those offices. Anti’s are usually dumber but they are more vocal and usually greater in numbers than those like us.

Even in the firearm community support for one another is not what it should be. I can’t remember or count the number of times hunters have said, why would you need that type of weapon or item. As long as they can hunt, most could care less.

Organizations like the FBI could really care less and those in the upper echelons of those types of organizations could really care less and are untouchable. This should be readily apparent from the behavior of the FBI’s leadership recently. They don’t answer to Congress and they certainly don’t answer to the president. All they have to do is wrap “national security” around something and they operate however they wish. The rank and file can’t do anything even if they’d like to because opening their mouths, doing a better job or being more efficient doesn’t offer anything. In fact may end up costing them.

All we can do is sit back and wait. We don’t have the numbers or unity to change anything. Politicians are only worried about the next election and votes. Most government employees are concerned with keeping their job, position, pay and benefits. From the latter group the higher in rank you have risen, the less you have to care as you seem to be more untouchable and able to do what you want and when you want to.

Sorry but any talk of uprisings for this type of cause are silly. Even for the numerous things the government may do or handle wrong, it is still the reason our country is what it is. I can understand frustration and never wanting to go through it again, but that may be the goal of things taking as long as they do. In addition, talks of uprising help the nutball leftists and govt/bureau/dept by giving them something to point at as a reason we should not only not have NFA items, but firearms in general.

I’m in the same boat. I sit waiting with little to no information like everyone else, but there’s not much I can do. I vote for those that say they support people like us, but sometimes they flip and don’t to keep their jobs or office. I had more faith in organizations like the FBI, but with the actions of its leadership recently, that has waned. Some of the rank and file may have and exhibit fidelity, bravery and integrity but they probably do it cautiously unless they have the same beliefs as the uppers. If they don’t, it could cost them dearly when as those uppers never lose a thing.

I have first hand experience working with the government in large departments. I know the mentality is usually to do just enough to get by and not rock the boat there by risking your future in terms of rank and pay but not employment because hardly anyone ever gets fired. I left and went back to the private sector because of this mentality. How can any of this get fixed, I have no idea. Shaking our fists at the sky and saying much of anything is usually used against us by the same nuts that do literally scream at the sky, destroy property of those that don’t think like they do or worse yet assault or injure those that don’t.

The country has changed from when I was young and not necessarily for the better. Had someone told me this was how it was going to be when I got to this age when i was younger,I would havevlaughed in their face and said no way. All I can do now is continue to do the hobby I enjoy. Buy the items I want even if I have to wait. By doing this, it supports others enjoying the sport and hobby and makes it more difficult logistically for things to be taken away in numbers. Here I sit at a mere 140 days and what I thought would be getting relatively close may not be close at all. I understand the frustration and agree with it, but I do think there is not much that can be done.

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