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My feelings go out to those who are caught up in the NCIS waiting issue. I had expected expected approval of my Form 4 about 100 days ago with the way the graph was looking. It never happened. Soon I saw the graph being dotted with these strangely high wait times. I knew one of those data points was likely going to be me. I’ve been calling the ATF every Friday so that I could get the depressing ‘Pending NCIS indefinitely’ status. Today that finally changed:

SilencerCo Hybrid
Purchased: November 2017
Sent Form 4: Nov 8th
Check Cashed: Nov 11th, 2017
ATF App Rcvd: Nov 14th
NCIS Pending: First known date of this status was June 22, 2018
Approved: Aug 21, 2018 @ 283 calendar days
Waiting on stamp

Looks like the NCIS delayed me exactly 60 calendar days. Don’t know if that is a significant cutoff or if it is just coincidence.

I’m quite excited for deer hunting this year!

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