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Unfortunately, the FBI has stated recently that they will not process appeals or issue UPINs for delayed or erroneously denied NFA NICS checks. This issue is currently being addressed in a lawsuit brought by the Stamboulieh Law Firm, on behalf of multiple plaintiffs. The case is Umbert et al v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA et al. This firm has successfully sued over denied NICS checks in the past, Mr Stamboulieh is also the attorney who recently had the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals strike down the open carry bans which affected gun owners in Hawaii, California etc,.. If you believe that you are having a real issue with your NFA transfer, I would advise calling him or emailing him. The only way to resolve these types of issues is by suing the government and forcing them via a court order to correct their mistakes. If I run into problems with the transfers I am currently waiting on, he will definitely be the first person I call.

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