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I am still awaiting my first suppressor to get approved on a form 4 individual trust. No trustees. I am still pretty new to NFA Transfers, so I wonder if that is what is the hold up with mine, since this is my first one.
I have a clean background, or so I believe. Never been delayed for a firearm purchase.

First Suppressor Purchase: Griffin Armament Optimus
Check Cashed – 11/11/2017
Status: Pending FBI Background as of yesterday (6/8/2018)

Second Suppressor Purchase – Allen Engineering AEM5
Check Cashed – 4/26/2018
Status: Received by ATF

Third Suppressor Purchase – BLACKHAWK! GAS CAN (.30 Caliber Can)
Purchased Today – Awaiting transfer to my local Class 3 dealer

Future Purchase – Knight’s Armament QDC 5.56
Saving up the $$$

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