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Matt andrews
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It’s real odd we can’t get a straight answer out of these people. The person I spoke with said ATF doesn’t run any back ground checks it’s an AFIS style check from the FBI. I called again and asked about my form 4 and I had a question about my shitty fingerprints—I know they are not going to cause a problem because I just got my FORM 1 SBR in less than 6 months a few weeks ago, but I wanted an excuse to ask about these background checks again. I have never had any “pending FBI Background” nonsense or any issue buying a firearm but this person on the phone at ATF said oh it’s no big deal if the ATF has issues with the fingerprints during their background check just resubmit and about a week or 2 later your form would be approved.

So not really sure but based on the post, you may need to see what’s on your background and get that shit cleared up.

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