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Ok so thanks to all for the info and points of view. This helps me to understand what others are doing and why they are doing it. So from davidlofton, he has a good point about state law, where in Oregon that isn’t as clear as one would expect. SirVyn happens to show what I’m talking about in regards to the ranges. For those of us whom do not have an attorney on standby this can make a simple yes/no turn into a fiasco with some authorities. Again this is not to poke the bear, cause a problem but just to know what is truly a persons rights and when they are walked all over. For Steve S. the point is not to have to show them your gun, or serial number. Why would they need to see any of that information at all anyways. I’m assuming with your comment you went to your local law-enforcement after you purchase any item and show them your serial number or address right? Didn’t think so.

The private info I spoke of is just that… My private info. The info that tells someone I have what I have, how I obtained it and what means in which it is legal to have (Gun trust, form 1, or others..) I bring this up because just like I’m sure you all have the problem of going to the range and people wanting to see/shoot what you have. Some explaining they are police officers and need to see the paperwork (as if I could make what I have to the degree in which it was made) to ensure it wasn’t homemade. This is not only ridiculous but an invasion of my privacy. It sometimes makes a good day at the range completely not worth going.

For those of you out there that still believe law-enforcement is uncapable or unwilling to monitor who has what items (NFA and others) you’re sadly mistaken. The reciprocity between the ATF and law-enforcement is very quick, efficient and likely to be given without authority or warrant.

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