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I need some advice. Previously, I have purchased through Silencershop with no issues, Form 3s were approved immediately and Form 4 checks were cashed about two weeks later with the entire Form 4 logged in the system two to three days after the checks cashed.

This time, I’ve purchased a supressor through one of my local dealers and we’ve mailed a conventional Form 4, with prints, hard copy photos and the money order. I called ATF and they said it takes two months for the Form 4 to get logged in the system and be visible. Then the lady explained it takes additional 8 months after they log it. This was clearly not the case when Silencershop mailed their Form 4s.

Is buying through conventional dealers subject people to additional unnecessary waits since ATF has to manually enter the data and they don’t use Silencershop’s barcodes?

It’s pretty common to get canned wait times from NFA Division when you call for updates. ‘8 months’ is what they’ve been saying for awhile. My recent transfer took 6 while previous ones took 13. Yet every time I called it was “yes sir, current turnaround is appox 8 months”.

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