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Matt andrews
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So just called and asked some questions.maybe some of you will find this interesting. The forms are obviously sent and the check is cashed or debit card processed. Then they are assigned to an examiner, a batch or probably a big ass box. BUT an examiner is most likely who will not handle your form until the end. They have like a “clerk” position or underling that will verify all the information is correct—serial number, name address, proper CLEO name and address make sure FFL license is current ect. After they resolve any issues like sending out correction letters, missing or wrong information then the photos and prints are sent to FBI. The FBI does what’s called the AFIS check. This is because in some rural areas and certain police departments, courts do not update the NICS system in a timely manner or forget entirely, but when arrested fingerprints—usually done electronically and on paper are immediately sent to FBI. The NICS will only show convictions where the AFIS will show current charges pending, arrest waiting court date ect. Takes about 20 minutes for the check. if you have issues with AFIS check the FBI is not legally obligated like the NICS check with a DELAY to clear it up or issue a ruling in 3 days so you can take home your firearm—so if you got issues your at the mercy of them. After that if all clear an EXAMINER will check everything to make sure it’s in working order and will sign off on your form. Around 2 weeks after the all clear from FBI. So your wait time is getting from the stack of forms!! The FBI back in 1990 could electrodialysis scan 18000 forms a day. Imagine what they can do now. Just hope your paperwork isn’t sitting behind some guy and a 10 person trust lol!!

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