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Anthony Ohlendorf
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I was on the phone just the other week with an examiner regarding a customer’s Form 4, and I took the opportunity to ask him about current wait times. He was up front with me and stated simply, “We don’t really track average wait times, but I just approved a bunch from November and early December.” So basically what you’re seeing here reported for wait times is going to be the average. No sense to trying to get “wait times” from the ATF.

And the customer’s form had been sent back because the trust paperwork had gone missing. Money had been cashed mid-October, and sent back late April. If the customer had come in sooner it would have come back much much sooner. That being said, I emailed a copy of the trust, and the examiner emailed me back same day saying it had been approved. Stamp arrived at the shop 7 days later.

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