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John, I don’t think you are understanding me. I did not call already to see where I was in the process. I called originally with a question about the paperwork I was sending in because of original members of the trust and new applicants plus multiple suppressors. “the whole process is clearly written out for you”. Well guess what, it wasn’t. If it was clear I would not have had a question. And if several of the agents I spoke with could not agree on the answers, why would I ask it here? I guess I’m just not as smart as you are. “Being stern with them”? I did not say anything about any of the conversations going bad, just that I could not get a straight answer. All of our conversations were actually very friendly and all of the agents were trying to be as helpful as they could. “A single person trust is much more work than a single person trust”. REALLY. This is not my first rodeo with the ATF or suppressors and I have never gotten one quicker than 1 years wait. Thanks for the input though. I guess I should have not shared anything except the fact that I was really wondering was how long have people had to wait for their checks to be cashed or credit cards be charged? They have always taken my money very quickly in the past and I find it odd they have not seized my money yet.

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