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The FBI Background Check Myth-

I posted this a few days ago, but today I called the ATF and they confirmed it. EVERYONE goes to the FBI background check. The NICS and the FBI Background check are the SAME THING. If you are stuck in it, that sucks. It’s not a different process. People who don’t get delayed in it, have a much smaller window to call and find out they were in it at all. Every form goes to the FBI for the same check. The ATF told me “Some people call it the NICS, but it’s just another name for the FBI Background Check. Some forms process immediately and some take days, weeks, or months. There is a backlog at the FBI”.

If you find out this is your status, it doesn’t automatically mean you are going to be stuck in there forever. Especially, if you check your status often and can call during the window of time it’s processing at the FBI. THere is hope.

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