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Here we go. Sent in a 6 person trust for 4 different suppressors over a month ago. 3 of the people were currently on the trust and 3 were added. Whenever I called with a question prior to sending the trust in, the agent I spoke with would tell me something different than the agent prior. After about the 5th agent and 4 or 5 differing answers about things, they finally transferred me to the agent in charge. NO ANSWER! Several times I called and no answer or call back. On one occasion when I asked for the agent in charge, the person on the phone stated he had no idea who I was talking about and had never heard the name(which I now forget). When I asked why he would not know who his boss was he stated there has been a lot of “movement” and then miraculously transferred me to the proper number. Still no answer and no call back on leaving message. Still nothing charged to credit card. Am I expecting too much asking for a 6 person trust to go through?

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