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My first one took 11 months #2 took one year #3 is at 11 months #4 is at 8 months. 3 more from the first of this year, not bothering even keeping up with them. Silencer shop kiosk doesn’t seem to make a difference far as speeding things up for me. Good luck to everyone.

This is what bugs me. I have 3 prior approvals. But every time I get a new suppressor, the clock seems to reset. I take it the background check part might be optimized if it has already been done? But Numbers such as yours above could simply be from the 41f and Hillary fear backlog being cleared. It just seems like after you’ve been put through the grinder they should just do a quick NICs check to make sure you didn’t rob a 7/11 in the meantime and give you the stamp.

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