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Thomas Cadwalader
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Luckyy! I have check cash 12/4/17. Getting there! I should of had it in sooner. I purposely made sure to turn in the paperwork early November to beat the black friday sales but silencershop lost my paperwork for a month. My little voice kept telling me call silencershop to check if they turned it in but for a month I shrugged it off and just told myself just forget about it because it is awhile till I gets approved but I finally gave in and called silencershop and they had lost a bunch of employees and lost my paperwork in the process. So a month went by and had zero progress. I was so mad.

I wish I saw your post yesterday…grrrrr. I bought a can from SilencerShop around the same time and mine also sat around for over a month. Purchased 11/3/17, check cashed 12/18/17. BTW, I started calling Silencershop right away because they kept sending me emails saying they couldn’t proceed because they didn’t have everything, blah blah blah. They blamed my FFL, FFL blamed them saying “it sat on somebody’s desk.”

I believed SShop, so when I placed another order this am from SShop I chose another FFL…now I know what really happened. Might give SShop a call tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing.

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