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Join Date: 11/09/2016

Order placed: 10/05/2017
Cheque Cashed: 10/27/2017
Since then… ** crickets **

Everybody seams to be enjoying reduced wait times, but my order still languishes in the abyss of the ATF swamp. Probably some deep-state, Hillary loving, libtard is holding things up.

That’s the exact reason the atf gave me for my stamp taking so long. Fucking deep state man.

Well I phoned the ATF just now (05/16/2018) and I am STILL pending. >:(

What pisses me off, is that I’m seeing people here who had their purchases made months after mine and they have their stamps already. So much for an orderly queue.

Then again, I bought my silencer during the time Hitlery was on her speaking quest to ban silencers. If anything it was because of her speeches I went out and bought one, just in case her deep-state flunkies did manage to push a silencer ban through. So since this didn’t happen, I guess they retaliated and black-marked all Form-4’s handed in thereafter, until they were removed/transferred out and integrity was restored.

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