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I’m at 345 days, but I was told one of us on the Trust was denied. The operator also told me that FBI waits 88 days for a background check before simply denying and sending this back. His info came back “incomplete” or “inconclusive”, I for get which at this moment, but he never got any information from FBI until the letter 2 days ago. Complete and utter BS. How can they say it is incomplete, if they didn’t do their job?

The only thing I can figure it maybe since the form was received in April ’17, and his court stuff (misdemeanor DUI) didn’t get finalized until slightly after, the questionnaire may look different on that conviction question.

So…..I have to wait for him to correct things, then send it up again, and wait another 8-4000 months for them to do exactly the same process.

Does anyone know if I get the first $200 returned to me? Am I just out that money, and paying double? Should I send a correction up for the suppressor app that was received this year in May?

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