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Ben Dover
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My story – (my first NFA transaction) submitted paperwork first week February 2017. LGS calls September 1, 2017, says “application ready to be approved, but BATFE is ‘upgrading to new forms’ and ‘should have the approval in about a little over a week’, I need to re-submit photos and prints”. Did that, was 9/2/2017. Contacted dealer 9/26/2017, “not yet, I had one come back that was submitted about the same time as yours”. Contacted dealer again 11/24/2017, 1/10/2018, 4/18/2018. Came back “pending”, “pending” + “I have one other that was submitted a couple weeks after yours and I haven’t heard from it as well”, and “I have a call in to ATF agent”. No further response from dealer. I am only days from a solid 15 months on this. I am not seeing any other similar reports on here. I know it is a waiting game, but c’mon. I do get “denied” on NICS gun purchases but always ultimately approved. Just wanted to rant a little (done) but am also curious as to any comments or suggestions that others may have. Thanks in advance.

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