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I called the atf yesterday with full expectations of hearing pending FBI background check an was extremely pleased to here approved on April 8th. I can honestly say this has been the longest test of patience I have ever had to endure. I purchased a mack brothers 3.0 Varminter thru Dakota silencer at a gun show on November 14,2016 and went pending on November 28,2016 now this is where things got interesting I went pending FBI background check on i believe it was around the 26th of November 2017 on a form 4 trust I have to admit in 1996 I was arrested for a dui an possesion of a little marijuna since then i have never had a blemish on my record i guess what I’m saying is hang in there i had a 510 day wait to here that glorius phrase approved on date when you here that alone the shear joy it brings will change the outlook of your day!! I was told they now have 30 days to send the paperwork in they being the atf an then I get my transfer e-mail an a little titanium in the mail can’t wait an can’t believe this is almost over! In closing would I do it again I will let you know after I have been to the range.👍

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