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Silencerco Hybrid
2 person trust
Mailed 6/3/2017
ATF received and charged CC 6/6/2017
ATF sent correction letter 3/15/2018 dealer never received
Emailed page to add co trustee 4/3/2018 dealer emailed
Approved and stated stamp is in the mail 4/5/2018
Stamp at dealer ?? Probably have to request a copy. Thinking dealer address has issues

Dealer never received correction letter. I just happened to call 3/16/18 and they asked if I would like to talk to the examiner and she stated the problem was with how my co trustee was worded but couldnt give me exact details because that needed to go to dealer. Dealer advised me to wait till he got the letter but I called atf 3/23 and 3/30 and stated he has not received letter they advised what needed to be fixed Very vaguely so I confirmed with dealer which has had this issue a bunch. So I added my second rep to a page in my trust with dealer approval and dealer emailed her. She approved with in two days after corrections were sent directly to her email.
ATF had pics and prints for both reps and back ground check was done for both but the trust never clearly stated she was an equal to me or Co trustee.
So as I see this I would call atf around the 8 month mark every week and check your Status. If I would have never called it would have went past 30 days and who knows what would happened. I was the one that got this figured out and pushed the right people to get it fixed. As of today still no correction letter. Push your dealer on corrections or for that matter the right trust. You are the customer. It doesn’t hurt or cost anything to call and check. By the way atf examiner was awesome to work with.

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