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I also received the “Pending FBI Background check” comment when I checked the status of my Form 4 Individual for a Surefire SOCOM 762RC2 with a check cash date on 3 April 2017.

I called a few days before Thanksgiving and was informed that I was Pending FBI Background. I followed up with calls on Jan 16th, Feb 8th and March 5th. During the March 5th call, I asked to speak to a supervisor. My call was passed to Jessica. I asked about the FBI background and asked her if there were any issues. She responded that my information only went to the FBI for the check the first week in February. She also stated that there was a person with the same DOB that had a criminal record, but no name match or ssn match… I told her that I knew that because I was looking at my NCIC/III (20 year GS1811 with a TS/SCI). The NCIC FPC shows that person isn’t me. She stated that I would be delayed for any firearms purchase. I replied that she is incorrect, and that I had just purchased a Glock 19X and received a proceed in less time than it took to fill out the paperwork (I live in PA and PA State Police does the background check)… I listened to the phone call to PICS and the background check was not sent to an operator.

In any event, the individuals answering the phones at NFA Branch are stating that persons are pending FBI Background… which is factually correct…but does not mean that the information has been transmitted to CJIS for a NICS check. It is the case of asking the right question to get the right answer. I have two other cans in NFA jail and for future calls when I am told that it is pending FBI background, I am going to ask when the information was submitted to CJIS.

Back to the SOCOM…I explained that the Form 4 for the SOCOM 762 was submitted at the same time as a Form 4 for a AAC TiRant 45 (which was approved in October) and were mailed in the same envelope. Jessica stated that they should have been processed on the same NICS proceed and approved the SOCOM that day.

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