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I have a gun trust with just me in it which I purchased through the Silencer Shop an have purchased 3 cans, 2 of them I have already received. Both of them had the checks cashed the same day but received them a month apart from each other an 1 of them had been approved for a whole month before they mailed it to my gun store. Then 3 weeks later I purchased a Dead Air Sandman-K which was on 12-26-17 an had the check cashed a month later but what I’m getting at is before I purchased the first 2 I knew the wait time I was looking at an that was fine with me an I never called once an then I even purchased a 3rd one once again knowing the wait time an again I’m fine with it. I just don’t understand all the crying an complaining that goes on all the time on here especially when you all know what the wait time is. The bottom line is that each an everyone of us will receive our stamps when we are approved. If you don’t think about it the time will fly like you wouldn’t believe, trust me folks. There definitely worth the wait. Everyone have a great day an point the muzzle in the direction you want the bullet to go!!!

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