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ATTENTION ALL: Lol, spoke with 3 reps from SS trying to ensure quality control issuing the Trust etc.. Also on and off with my Trust lawyer (

Let me first say I have had an approved Form 1 on Mar 9, 2018 (11 days ago) USING the Trust that has one Co Trustee with an Amendment attached essentially removing them from the Trust to “bypass” having my co trustee fill out RP/Photo/FP etc.. This setup worked.

My issue is 2/3 times speaking with SS they said “cool, youre good to go with that setup”.

However the last rep from SS blatantly and affirmly stated “Nope! That wont work. The ATF is done doing amendment and are no longer acceptig them, you will be denied!” All discussed in ine day! Lol, anyone been told the 41F Amendment is no longer valid? I would obviously trust his statements but having an approved 3/9/18 date on another NFA item, i just dont know what to beleive until reclarification tomorrow morning 😔

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