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Finally picked mine up. Approved 3/1/18 Freaking didn’t mail it till 3/12/18. It arrived sometime last week. But dealer didn’t call me. Couldn’t get ahold of him. 4 days of trying to call and email him So I drove 50 miles to the dealer. He said I haven’t got it. We talked for a few. I asked if address was correct he said no it’s a PO box. Called ATF. They said we mailed to the PO box. So I drove home. Got halfway home (25miles) Dealer called. “ found your stamp”. Turn around drive back to dealer. Then got charged $50 bucks fpr transfer. for a powered by silencer shop transaction. According to silencer shop there’s no fees if use a powered dealer. My understanding is that the dealer price on silencer shop website is what you pay But I wasn’t gonna argue. I just wanted my dang suppressor. This process sucks. I have 3 other suppressors and I didn’t have to pay any transfer fees at the dealer for those. But they were in a different town. But they were still a “powered” dealer. BS

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