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I called the ATF on Tuesday the 13th of march. spoke with a man that had an accent. I was told that my paperwork is still in processing. My paperwork went to the FBI office Dec 19th 2017 and is still there. He also told me that because mine is a trust it will take much longer than 9 months even though their website says otherwise. Does anyone have a number to call the FBI and get a status update from them? I have seen months after mine get approved. A Friend bought the same suppressor the same day and same dealer with me, He got his back last month. not sure what the hold up is.

Check cashed May 30th 2017
in FBI office Dec 19th 2017

still nothing.

I have talk to him twice never understood him but always he told me it’s in research. Never could straight answer what that meant.
Today talking to him for the second time I just gave up and said thank you for your help and hung up. Waited an hour and called back and a women answered she stated it was looked at 3-15 and a letter is being sent back for corrections to dealer. I asked what was wrong with my trust she stated it is with the second responsible party on it.
I made contact with dealer and he stated that more than likely this one auditor that sends a lot back due that reason of your second rep. He says it takes only a min to fix. But always the same auditor. He also suggested they have changed rules on us. It makes me wonder if it’s the type of trust that he wrote. But others pass right through he wrote up. I think it’s a trust as shop. I hear people talking about amending trusts but can’t get a straight answer that if I need to do that.
June 6 17 check cashed

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