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TuQuynh Nguyen
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In Oct. 7, 2016 I researched the laws and the current time periods through the tracker and they averaged 4-6 months and the qualifications were less stringent than a normal Federal background checks so I under stood the leniency compared to a firearm because if you can pass a NCIS firearm check, the Form 4 is only a subset of the laws.
Anyways, I then purchased and applied for my AAC 556 M4 suppressor through Silencershop in Oct 22, thinking the organization and technology network would speed the process more.S ubsequently I went to a local store since SilincerShop didn’t carry the Osprey 45k so purchased it through a local shop using old school grainy photos, consistently failing to read the finger prints, and then I had to do the leg work to make sure all documents for all trust members were correct, officially mail to local chief of police(law changed so that wasn;t neccesary).
I then waited until 2 eeks later, the small local shop got returned my applicaton because my credit card was not accepted even thoguh I know I had money in there, so they said checks never fail. Now just before Thanksgiving, I mail in my application with a check and like taxes, they cashed it days later.
On the other hand, my Silencer Shop AAC 556 suppressor didn’t show up in any bank statements until late February the next year! I didn’t bother finding out why because irrelevant to speed up my application. Calling all year is a waste unless you are bored and want to be depressed.
Comes Christmas, and not even on my mind with all the holiday and work, I finally get a call from the local shop saying my Osprey 45 was in 13 months but stopped tracking in fall since pending is always the answer.
Now, it is March and I don’t want to get my hopes up but unless something happened they are not revealing, I would hope to get my AAC m4 2000 in weeks.(Fingers Crossed!) I’m looking to find the YHM Titanium .30 cal Phantom but not sure if I want to wait over a year, unless they improved processes, but in over a year 5-6 months are now 12-13 month waits. I am on a waiting list for the YHM Phantom so add more time especially with the current gun hysteria. I think the cobination of record applications,political climate, and antiquated proceses makes the tax stamp the least of my frustration.

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