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Just for your info I have called 3x over last two months and the first two operators stated a person should call every couple months to check status just to make sure it’s in pending status. One operator stated that some people’s corrections were never get sent to the buyer or contacted from/by the dealer that atf sent back and it restarted the process. Also other issues have came about she said and some were corrected with that call.
But the last operator I called and talked to, him with a very deep accent that I was having trouble understanding didn’t tell me it was pending but “it is in research” I asked what that means and he stated “research”. I never could get a clarification on that if it was fbi check or what? He also stated it takes 9 months for a trust min. And call back at the 9 month mark.
All operators stated 9 to 12 months for a trust
June 6 17 was charge date to my cc. For a f4 2 person trust

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