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Form 4, 1 RP Trust
Silencerco Salvo 12
Purchase 6/24/17
Form 4 sent 6/29/17
Check Cashed 7/7/17
Approved 2/21/18
Stamp at dealer 3/5/18

LGS also got a correction letter today on my 4/12/17 check cashed Form 4 with same 1 RP trust for a different can. The correction request is something I caught back on 6/29/17 that I fixed and then emailed the corrected pages back to them along with an explanation letter. That either never made it to the right person or it was rejected and I wasn’t informed. Either way I won’t send them any more corrections unless asked. My guess is that it put my Form 4 back at the bottom of the pile because the new correction request letter arrived same time as the above approval. Both my correction letter and the Salvo Form 4 were sent same day…lesson learned.

Didn’t expect the Salvo stamp to arrive for awhile, so pretty happy on that. Mailed new corrected Form 4 based on letter recd today for the 4/12/17 can so hoping to get that one approved pretty soon as well.

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