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F4 Trust
Purchased: Wed May 24 2017
Form 3 To Dealer: Thu May 25 2017
Check Cashed: Wed Jul 05 2017
Stamp Received: Fri Mar 02 2018

Weird thing is that I have 2 stamps STILL pending before this one:

Form 4 for a MG in state transfer from an individual
Filed: May 10
Check Cashed: May 16

Form 1 SBR
Filed: June 2
Check Cashed: June 7

The Suppressor Form 4 that was approved was from Silencer Shop with a Barcoded Form 4. Is it possible that is why the stamp was received almost 2 months faster than the one still pending from May? Maybe, or perhaps it is the individual to Trust transfer of the MG. Who knows?

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