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I spose it’s my turn to complain bout how irritating this whole process is. I have 3 form 4 trusts in lock up. One with a purchase date of 10/6/16 my jailer dicked around for a full month b4 sending it off an the atf didn’t cash the check until a month after that so my pending date is 12/6/16. I created my trust in Sept. of 2016. I was going to process as an individual but my jailer talked me into going with a trust for reasons I agree with. My trust includes only me, I’m not married, no kids, just have 2 chocolate labs that will not allow me to go anywhere with out them. But they don’t care for the sound of big guns (rifles). So I figured what better way of fixing this problem than to buy a suppressor? Only problem with that is for some unknown reason a simple nics check isn’t good enough? It’s not a dangerous item for f*@# sakes, it’s a muffler period. You know those things we are required to have on our vehicles! Here it is a year later and I still can’t take my dogs to go shoot without locking them up in the truck and moving a ways away to shoot. There was a time I didn’t understand why people wouldn’t want to sign a few extra papers to get one but now I completely get it. What a sick joke our government is! Anyways Rant complete I feel bout 1% better now. Thanks guys.

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