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Purchased two silencers 8/7/16. My forms got caught up in some “glitch” with the silencershop kiosk and was delayed. The forms were submitted together and paid together. One got a “check cashed” date of 10/28/16 and the other 12/6/16.

The 12/6/16 check cashed was approved 8/21/17.
The 10/28/16 check cashed is still pending.

I have no idea how the two got separated, why they have such a gap in dates, and why the 12/6 date was the first one approved. I guess it makes as much sense as anything else that’s going on with the ATF.

I know the feel. I called SilencerShop 6/26/16 and talked about doing an individual form to be submitted AFTER the rule change and they said it would be no problem, that I could order it now and they would wait to send till after the rule change. So I ordered on 6/27/16. Called after the rule change and they told me to call back in a week. Called back and they told me to just keep waiting that they had something in the works. Turned out to be the new kiosk system. Great. However they never brought one to my area for a while and basically left me in the dark to call them over and over until they had a kiosk I could use. It wasn’t until the end of September they said I could go ahead and go do it. So I did and they FINALLY got my stuff submitted and I got a check cashed date of 10/6/17. Called the ATF a few times because I’m seeing many people with later dates getting approved and it makes me die inside a little each day that I’ve been waiting for 14 months now and I’m still pending. It would be nice if they would at least go in order of submission.

Oh well, it will happen eventually… hopefully before the ground is covered in snow.

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