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It’s funny you say that dnut. My sheriffs called me to come back and pick everything up. Until I explained it was their copy. lol I’m waiting for atf to tell me I never notified them.

Not a uncommon thing that happens. Last April when my local Sheriff’s office (my CLEO) refused to take mine. Thats when i called the Charleston, Wv BATFE/NFA office. I spoke with a agent/ Examiner. The long and the short of it was this. Don’t bother talking to them about this. Just take your CLEO copies and put them in a envelope and date it. And if you can, the name of the person that said “take them”. And file them away in your safe. As of last April, the Feds don’t care that if the cleo’s can get there shit straight, then thats there problem. Plainly, Ive been told by many CLEO’s, its not there job to do firearms back round checks. They have there hand full enough wity CHL/CCW licensing. And until the feds want to pony up some $$$ to hire someone, and pay for storage. Then we are not doing anything with those forms.

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