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Yes she and my father are on my trust.

I don’t know what would cover it at this point. I was told:
1. A note could be put in the file that she had moved in with me that our addresses are now the same but I can’t do that you have to wait for your examiner to call you.
2. I would have to resubmit my trust, Form 4, and RPQs and go to the end of the line because my CLEO notifications won’t match.
3. I don’t have to do anything.
4. My application likely won’t be approved anytime soon because you have to be at an address for six months before they can run your name.
5. Let me have you talk to your examiner. (Hasn’t returned my call)
6. Let me have you talk to specialist A. (Hasn’t returned my call)
7. I will transfer you to specialist B. (On vacation according to voicemail).

It is a damn frustrating thing I am trying to help them to make my paperwork go faster, and they don’t even know what their policy is. I can’t be the only person in the past 80ish years who has moved while waiting on a form to be processed.

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